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Description For the last 7 years Artist – Film maker Thomas Campbell has been making a self-funded skateboarding movie, mainly shot on a 16mm film — called Y.O.D. (Ye Olde Destruction) …. with a solid grip of shredders building and skating DIY spots, some street stuff, pools, and other stuff. The movie is really about capturing sessions and the movement of the life and happenings in these situations. Part of the theme and vehicle that propels the film is the driving of two old cars (one 70’s Cadillac and one black Ford station wagon) two squads travel around in these cars skating, building spots, creating different skating scenarios, sometimes skating the cars and basically wilding out in said cars. In some ways the movie falls into the classic genera of the car movies movie motif ( Bullitt , Brown Bunny). Campbell has enlisted an A list team of lensmen to help him capture the motion picture scenarios and shreddings – French Fred, Jon Miner, Mike Manzoori and Connor Wyse among others. The film also embodies a community, a community of outlaws none the less. but a community. Featured YOD Skaters – Evan Smith, Jon Dickson, Jason Adams, Rick McCrank, Max Schaaf, Caswell Berry, Brent Atchley, Ellisa Steamer, Ray Barbee, al Partanen, Omar Salazar, Jackson Pilz, Robbie Russo, Ben Raemers, Chris Russell, Willis Kimbel, Cody Chapman, Raney Beres, John Worthington, Emmanuel Guzman, Cole Wilson, Roger Mihalko, Tony Miorana, Aaron suski, Mark Suciu, Andy Roy, Eli Williams, Israel Forbes, Nick Garcia, Oski Rozenberg, Barker Barrett, Dennis Buzenitz, Tony Trujillo, Sid Melvin, Zarosh Eggleston, Zach Wallin, Ishod Wair, Chico Brennes, Louie Barletta, Collin Provost, Stefan Janoski, Raven Tershy, T-Funk, Taylor Bingaman, Jeremy Leabres, Ben Raemers and Grant Taylor. 116 page hard cover book. 6” x 4.5” that will come with a download code to see the film in the back of the book. Pictures by Brian Gaberman, Jai Tanju, Fred Mortagne, Arto Saari and Thomas Campbell.