The Atacama Desert stretches imposingly for over 600 miles through northern Chile.

It rises from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to heights of over 20,000 feet in the Andes and is known as the driest place on earth. Some believe that this vast and inhospitable place is forsaken, that the desert cannot sustain life. And yet it does. Plants utilize deep tap root systems to access water. Flamingos feed on red algae growing in the shallow salt lakes. Humans harvest water from fog banks off the Pacific and farm high in the mountains.

The inhabitants of the Atacama have utilized new techniques to eke out an existence for many thousands of years. Just like our namesakes natives, Atacama Surf Shop strives to constantly reshape, redesign and reconstruct. We are proud of our San Diego origins, evidenced by our association with Jeff McCallum and SkenGKworks in National City, partnerships with Chris Christenson and Tyler Warren in Little Italy, and collaborations with local San Diego artists. As we grow and progress, we will stay true to these roots while seeking out innovation. Introduce new products and voices while honoring established brands and traditions.

Welcome emerging artists while supporting longtime visionaries. Adapt.