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The XCEL 3mm Drylock Split Toe Boots are crafted to keep you in the water for longer. Made with their Celliant Black, these boots are lightweight, fast drying and utilize smart fiber technology printed low pile to keep your body heat close and working for you. With reinforced seams, these fully sealed split-toe boots offer up a comfortable fit and a allow for a full range of motion in the ankle and foot to give you a natural boot-free feel in your surf sessions. Material Drylock Neoprene for Unmatched Warmth and Performance Lightweight, Quick-Dry Fibers – Hydrophobic fiber repels water, minimizing absorption so your booties stay lightweight during use. Single Rubber Bottom for Durability and Board Feel Ergonomically Angled Hook-and-Loop Strap 3 Dimensional Foot Mold for a Contoured Fit Features Pull Up Ankle Loop – This pull loop is pressure bonded to the heel for durability. In addition, there is no stitching from this process so less water can get into you booties. Split Toe, Solid Sole – Flexible, high performance boot design for enhanced range of motion: The solid sole underneath the split toe means no more of those annoying leash hangups. Drylock Ankle Seals – An XCEL exclusive, this seamless, engineered "donut seal" construction keeps more water out, minimizes flushing, and forms a snug, comfortable seal and a better fit with your wetsuit.