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Surfing cooler waters means staying warm and comfortable comes first. Leave your worries behind with the XCEL 4/3 Infiniti LTD Wetsuit. Kitted out with Channel Flex and Eco-Friendly Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone Neoprene for a lighter, warmer, and softer experience, guaranteed to keep you focused on catching waves. Eco-Friendly Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone Neoprene – Unrivaled memory and rebound that is lighter, warmer, and softer than the average neoprene with 100% high-performance stretch for comfort and warmth. Channel Flex [Exterior] – A hydrophobic channeled textile which has great stretch, reduced weight, and repels water.Fit Semi-Dry Zipper with Magnetic Closure – A zip closure with a silicone strip helps to prevent suit flushing. Engineered Fit System – Fits like a second skin Features Glide Skin Collar – Durable smooth skin collar creating a water-tight seal to prevent flushing. Back Knee Flex Grooves – Articulated pre-bent knee with grooves to prevent folding behind the knee. FusionX Taped Seams – The next generation precision tape technology, applied by a machined heat-pressure process which bonds tape directly to the suit ensuring maximum seam durability while eliminating the need for excess glue. Eco-Friendly Water-Based Glue – Water-based glue provides premium durability and bonds while being environmentally conscious. Nexskin Seals [Wrists] – Liquid neoprene seals at wrist and/or ankles to prevent flushing.