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The Urban Ultralight 1100 has a higher weight capacity and top speed with more range than the other models, the only sacrifice is weight.
  • Set/Max Speed: 27mph / 33mph

  • Rated/Peak Power: 750w / 1600w

  • Expected Range: 33 - 40 miles

  • Total Weight: 62.6 lbs

steel is real

4130 Chromoly Steel is a premium alloy known for its strength, yet lightweight and flexible characteristics that soak up road bumps and provides superb road feel. The frame, fork and handlebars have been scrutinously designed to optimize the characteristics of 4130 Chromoly for precise, confident handling and supreme urban shred sessions.

signature seat

Our patented seat design conceals much of the visual mass of the battery and all of the electronics underneath. The long seat allows the rider to sit closer or farther from the handlebars depending on their size. The large surface area provides plenty of cushion for a comfortable ride and maybe even enough room for two!

Powerful motors

We've spent years testing motors and developing our own specs, controller programming, even wire thicknesses. Whether you get the UU250, UU750 or UU1100, you can be sure that the electrical system is designed to work harmoniously for an effortless ride.


You might be asking, where are all the features? The Urban Ultralight was designed to optimize one feature: THE RIDE! If it didn't make the bike go fast, stop fast, corner fast or look good, it didn't go on the bike. The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight is the sports car of ebikes and the ultimate balance of the entire package, usefulness of each component and the sum of each part was carefully considered. Cupholders were not.

Quality & performance

Maxxis Hookworm tires, double-wall rims and thick spokes with reinforced spoke eyelets are for one thing: sending it. We built the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight to handle more than your standard ebike. We ride these bikes hard and you should too.

Attention to detail

Remember when we said there aren't any features? Well, that's not exactly true; they're all hidden in plain sight. Each bike comes standard with a tail light and the ability to add a headlight. In the near future, we will be offering proprietary ZOOZ headlights, fenders and limited edition seats and more to our store. All parts are compatible with all models.

Urban Ultralight 1100

  • Rated/Peak Power : 750w / 1600w
  • Set/Max Speed : 27mph / 33mph
  • Expected Range : 33 - 40 miles
  • Battery : 19.2aH
  • Total Weight : 62.6lbs
  • Charging Time : 5+ hours
  • Cells : Lithium Ion 18650 cells
  • Motor : 52V direct drive
  • Pedal Assist : Cadence Sensor
  • Throttle : Yes
  • Load Capacity : 300lbs
  • Tires : MAXXIS Hookworm 24 x 2.50
  • Brakes : Hydraulic F/203mm R/180mm
  • Class : Class 3
  • Shipping to : USA