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Most of you have tried a Simmons board here or there, most of you hate them and some of you love them.  We LOVE them.  At first this model was a real challenge to grasp.  It brought me back to my beginning stages of surfing and falling on my face.  Some may say that I never really advanced out of the begging stages of surfing so you will have to trust what I say about this.  There's a lot of Rail in the water so my experience is that you don't tell a Simmons what to do, it tells you how it wants to be ridden.  After you figure it out you can justify the price tag.  This is Number 20, that means only 19 other people are surfing this same generation of Jeffs Simmons. You should just buy it now...  All white/ivory satin finish top and bottom, future quads.

Boards are $50 cheaper in store to avoid online fees that we have to pay.  You can also call in and we can send you an invoice to save $50


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