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We’d say this was worth the wait. All that beautiful green and orange and all that sweet, sweet metallic foil makes for an eye-popping release that has as many surprising details as it has variations. For more information, check the specifications below.


In case you missed it, this whole “Leap of Faith” thing started when Aaron posted this missive to the site right before the holidays.


A Flying Leap

Well, well, well. Someone left the gate open, and guess who squeezed in? That would be me, Aaron James Draplin. And I’ve been a good boy all year long. I listened attentively on the Zoom calls. I inspected each staple off the press. I went door to door to spread the word. Long story short: I behaved. And in the quiet of the night, I quit behaving. And snuck into the Field Notes site to load up this post.

Now bear with me, gang… and I’m talking to my fellow Field Notes employees, here: DO NOT FRET. I HAVE THIS ONE COVERED. No, I don’t have “details on timing.” They will get to Field Notes HQ in January-ish mid-February late February (because, you know, supply chain). No, I don’t have “specs” on paper. Quantity? I’ll say this much: I’m making a shitwhack of the things. And I’m not offering up one detail on what they look like. With all this “good” emanating from me all year long, you gotta have a little “bad,” right?

Right. Deal with it.

A couple months back —completely under the radar— I employed a series of drastic measures to ferociously rathole away the necessary paper, staples and glops of ink to cover this run. Then I secured press time at an undisclosed printing facility. Then I sent off files. And as these words go to print… as Jim “Always Run It Past Me First, Aaron” Coudal saws logs in his 800-thread count Egyptian sheets… these books are getting set to be printed, collated, stapled, trimmed and shrink-wrapped. And that’s that.

Which leads me to you, beloved customer: You just gotta believe in this one. They are going to be AWESOME. So load up on these. Cuz when these are gone, they are GONE. And these are going to go quick.

The Field Notes staff writers always know how to close their missives with dramatic, clever lines. I’m typing these words from a hot-wired Speak-&-Spell outside a truck stop off I-84 in Trouble, Oregon, so I have to move quick.

Here’s my loose attempt: This is the DDC “Leap of Faith” edition. Who’s in?