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ALOHA TO ZEN two humans dedicated to a life of joy in the trees and in the surf.

ALOHA TO ZEN focuses on a philosophy that is inspired by the modern 'handcraft' movement. We make functional art - books, surfboards, cushions, apparel & more for your surfshack. Working laboriously and passionately to create handmade treasures full of fun, all pieces carry our trademark elements of joy, abandon and creativity melded with a healthy dose of nostalgia for surfings past icons and eras - with a focus on high quality craftsmanship.

Fern is an artist & textile designer who is passionate about keeping alive the hand drawn & hand made in this age of ‘electrickery’. Her work is heavily influenced by her wild and free childhood where she grew up on the pristine north-east coast of Australia, during the ‘Age of Aquarius’. She obsessively illustrates and embroiders a fantastical world in which surfers and environmental activists win the battle over developers and corporate giants. Fern loves living on Earth, spending her time in the wooden A frame treehouse she shares with partner Damion and in her overgrown vegetable garden. She embraces a lifelong love affair with horses and dogs and spends way too much time in the company of her black horse Joey and her staffordshire terriers Peanut & Dodge.

Damion is all about making friends and making surfboards. A passionate surfer, surfboard collector, surf historian and surfboard shaper in love in equal parts with the rugged beauty of the ‘Coal Coast’ south of Sydney and the rich surf history that is held in the beaches and points of Southern California. ALL his time is spent finding, riding, studying & talking about old surfboards. He lives by the surf swap motto of 'buy high, sell low, enjoy the ride!'

Aloha to Zen is a dedication to surfings past & present & future.