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WHOA....Dane looks frickin pumped to get out there and shred!  Actually it looks like its flat as a turd, but hes comfy cozy in his new Vans 36 Decon collab.  What does Dane do when its flat?  Makes awesome shoes with Vans, thats what.   Check out the cool doodles doodies.


Inspired by Vans’ original footwear silhouette known today as the Old Skool, Vans partners with pro surfer Dane Reynolds to introduce the Style 36 Decon SF. As an homage to the ubiquitous Sidestripe model’s legacy of more than 40 years, the new Style 36 Decon SF presents Dane Reynold’s imaginative vision and original artwork on a timeless canvas footwear form. Reynolds’ custom-designed colorway brings his original sketches to life while offering a tailored, lightweight construction.

After all the time Dane put into this shoe the waves started pumping.  Dane straps on his new Decon 36 and paddles out to do some major aerials.  If he wasn't wearing these shoes while he was surfing he probably would of fell on take off.  Buy these shoes... Surf like these shoes.



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