Hi, my name is Nick Brandau and I'm an artist based out of San Diego, California. I go by the alias "BEEN THERE FUN FACTS" which is a play on "been there, done that." See what I did there? Art has always been a positive outlet in my life whether it be drawing or photography. My current series started out as a way to not waste paint. I was working on larger pieces and had left over paint so I started making different strokes on paper. Next, I decided to add faces, which all seemed to coexist with each other. After I realized that I, like many others, had felt those emotions at one point or another I knew I was onto something. Over the next six months I became obsessed with blending colors and drawing these funny faces. They've definitely evolved since then.
I draw a lot of my inspiration from the cover art on jazz records, other artists, and the colors I see on my walks with my dog Wren. I hope these paintings inspire others to just create, slow down, and not take life too seriously.
All prints are available through my Instagram @beentherefunfacts and I am happy to accept commissions for custom work. If you have any questions you can message me through Instagram or email me at